Mental and physical preparation are key to ensuring that you have an enjoyable, productive hunt. PRACTICE SHOOTING! You owe it to yourself, as well as the animal and the TLB staff, to practice at least once a week for the month leading up to your hunt. Typical upland shots are much faster than you may expect and can be extremely humbling to even the most seasoned shooter. Ideal shots with a bow are of course between 30 and 40 yards but the further you are comfortable the better your odds. Typical rifle shots on all of our deer hunts are 100-200yds, but due to the open terrain there will often be shot opportunities 200-400 yards. I highly recommend practicing and learning your rifle out to 300 yards, not only from a bench, but also from typical shooting positions and from a bipod or shooting sticks. I personally prefer a bipod, but one or the other is a must in this open country.