Most of our White-Tail country consists of concentrated cover along creeks and rivers. Most deer travel along this cover and its fringes. Typically these creeks and rivers will be hunted from two man ground blinds or tree stands overlooking a feeder placed in high traffic areas. Some setups will consist of a ground blind set up on food plot edges or on travel corridors between feeding and bedding areas. Typical shots from these setups will be 100-200yds, but due to the open terrain there will often be shot opportunities 200-400yds.

Another common setup we use is to setup on farm field edges. This tactic usually consists of setting up on field edges in the morning and evening and maneuvering into position after spotting a trophy. This spot and stalk hunting makes for a very exciting hunt. Opportunity at a deer that will score 140″+ gross B&C is a realistic expectation and is our goal for all of our hunters. Again this is not a guarantee, but in 2009 we had 95%+ of our hunters get a shot at a mature (140″+) buck. Our average for 2009 was 145″. Average live weight for a mature Panhandle White-Tail is around 200lbs., with several deer each year weighing over 250lbs. and occasionally one over 300lbs. Our 2011 Deer Season is primarily focused on archery which opens the 1st of October. With lots of interest from last year, spots are becoming limited, give us a call or send an email to book your bow hunt today.

*We do enforce a wounded animal policy on all big game hunts. If you draw blood, it’s yours.

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